Deep Body Weight Squat

Deep Bodyweight Squat

When embarking upon a new health or fitness project, it isn’t often that you find an easy win. That essentially is a lot of the ethos behind the whole doable health idea, small tweaks and changes that can positively affect your body and mind. So here is an easy win that will only take 30 seconds of your day, can be performed just about anywhere and requires no equipment.

The deep body weight squat is a great movement that can help improve hip flexion among other athletic benefits such as quad and hamstring strength and plyometric jump ability. A lot of people use it as an insurance against the need for hip replacement surgery in later life. (Hip Osteoarthritis is a condition less prevalent in Asian countries where squatting is a more widely used working position.)

Simply perform a squat as deep as you can and hold if for 30 seconds. Thats it. If you cannot get low, then go as low as you can, and simply improve each time.

If you have the time, perform a couple of planks as well to offer some spinal support.

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